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          57 GRAMMY     55 GRAMMY
Best Children’s Album

62nd GRAMMY® Nominee

Saddle Up
 59th GRAMMY® Nominee

Through the Woods
57th GRAMMY® Nominee

Can You Canoe?
55th GRAMMY® Winner


“We love listening to Winterland! So much heart and soul, love and laughter in every song.
We ALL sing along on the way to school.”
-Abigail Washburn, Béla Fleck & Juno (& Theodore too!)


“[The Okee Dokee Brothers] remind us of the American belief that we’re bound for better weather. Their album [Can You Canoe?] celebrates everyday explorers, young and old, who rediscover that notion daily”
NPR’s All Things Considered


“These Grammy Award-winning artists, who specialize in folk music and Americana, sing of cold-weather joys. …in addition to extolling the fun of ice fishing, dog sledding and encountering a friendly yeti, the songs on Winterland deal with more serious subjects, like life cycles and tolerance.”
-Laurel Graeber, The NY Times


Winterland debuted at #4 in Kids Album

The music video, Blankets of Snow, premiered on the Billboard website

” …a humorous and soulful winter odyssey.”

–Parents’ Choice Gold Award recipient


FatherlyHow Fatherhood Changed the Way a Songwriter Looked at Gender:
Questions about pink and blue inspired The Okee Dokee Brothers latest tune
By Joe Mailander of The Okee Dokee Brothers


“The princes of family music’s burgeoning Americana kingdom”
–Good Housekeeping


Winterland – Winner of a 2018 NAPPA Award


“Emotion is necessary for connection, and connection is necessary for appreciable change.
By challenging children to discuss non-binary feelings or boreal sadness,
Winterland connects them more deeply to their emotions.
When they reach adulthood, [The Okee Dokee Brothers’] hope is that they’ll turn that connection into action.”

–Jerard Fagerberg, Northerly


“The Okee Dokee Brothers once again reiterate they’re as much a traditional folk-music act
they are a kids-music duo.”

–Chris Riemenschneider, Star Tribune


“The lyrics are playful, engaging and subtly filled with life lessons. These are songs that encourage kids to find happiness with fewer material possessions and embrace adventure even in trying situations. Without getting preachy or heavy-handed, Mailander and Lansing come off like happy, kind and fun big brothers eager to show their younger siblings how to have an ethically sound and green-conscious good time.”
Chicago Tribune


“[Through the Woods] is at times moving, at times raucous, and always rooted in a simultaneous respect for the natural world and the rich musical traditions of Appalachian mountain music.”
The Washington Post

“This bluegrass duo knows that to write a meaningful song,
you’ve got to have a genuine experience. “
The Sierra Club

“My favorite album of 2012”
USA Today

Huff Post
“Their roots together go to their earliest days and their folky songs commemorate shared memories of their childhoods.”
Pat Condon, Associated Press

“Can You Canoe? stacks up just fine next to current mass-Americana faves from the Lumineers to the Avett Brothers.”
Rob Harvilla,

“Children with even the slightest outdoorsy inclinations will be easily drawn into the
songwriters’ inviting descriptions of life under the stars.”
– STARRED Review for Can You Canoe? (the book) by Publishers Weekly

No Depression
“It’s pitch-perfect old-time country subtly grounded in 21st-century values: a tolerant, nonviolent Wild West, both gender and ethnicity-diverse, that still swings hard enough for the grown-ups to dance a two-step.”
– No Depression 

SLJ logo
“This outstanding third album in the GRAMMY Award–winning
Adventure Album series will appeal to the entire family.”

“Perfect road-tripping music. A must-have for every collection.”
-School Library Journal Starred Review

“Lansing and Mailander distilled their experience into playful and thoughtful songs crafted with the warmth and storytelling resonance of traditional folk and mountain music.”
– Parents’ Choice
(Gold award recipients for all 3 Adventure Albums, Can You Canoe?, Through The Woods, and Saddle Up)

“Like the great Woody Guthrie, they’ve tapped into that magic quality of folk music to bridge the age gap and connect listeners young and old with their universal message.”
 UTNE Reader

“The Okee Dokee Brothers collaborate with some of today’s biggest names in Americana music, reaching a new generation of fans both young and old.”
– Bluegrass Nation

press laurels 5
Through the Woods movie named Best Short Comedy in the Somewhat North of Boston film festival, and official selections in Queen City, Providence, Vail, Maryland International, & Bangladesh International Children’s Film Festivals

“Parents all over the country will appreciate this classic bluegrass album as much if not more than their offspring will, with intelligent lyrics, complex rhymes and innocent stories to entertain in a way most children’s artists can only dream about. Every single song on this album is a gem.”
That Music Magazine

 Acoustic Guitar Logo
“A roots music and bluegrass affair with striking harmonies and spot-on picking…”
– Acoustic Guitar Magazine

No Depression
“[Can You Canoe?] is one of those rare records for kids that transcends its own audience.”

“[The Okee Dokee Brothers] encourage kids and adults alike to break away from our media driven culture into the natural universe right under our noses, which too often goes unnoticed.”

Paste Mag
“The Okee Dokees are a sort of two-man Nitty Gritty Dirt Band for the kindiesphere.”
– Paste Magazine

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