The Okee Dokee Brothers’ New Album
Songs for Singin’
 In Stores Nationwide May 1st, 2020

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“Songs for Singin’ is family music that’s artful and soulful, music that invites the listeners to turn off the stereo, tune-up the instruments and voices, and make the songs their own. Our community is big and powerful, restless and ready for more songs to sing, and The Okee Dokee Brothers have given us something hopeful to sing about.”
– Dan Zanes, Grammy Award-Winning Family Music Artist 

The Okee Dokee Brothers are an absolute national treasure. These
songs are just what the world needs right now.”

– Sarah Jackson, Minnesota Parent Magazine

“If you’ve already burned through every Kidz Bop CD known to man and you want something a little more pleasing to your ears, Grammy-winning duo The Okee Dokee Brothers are coming to the rescue.”
Wall Street Journal

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Press Release
Press Release
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“Watch the kids… sing like they sing.”
-Woody Guthrie

GRAMMY® Award-winning The Okee Dokee Brothers encourage hope with a new collection of 27 original songs on their latest 2-CD studio album, Songs for Singin’, scheduled for release on Friday, May 1, 2020. Drawing from the age-old tradition of singing to heal the soul during difficult times, The Okee Dokee Brothers have written a slew of catchy and inclusive songs so fans can join in and belt out. In the spirit of American folk legends, Woody Guthrie and Pete Seeger, Songs for Singin’ presents timeless messages of hope and unity. The album includes an illustrated 32-page book with the lyrics and chords to every song to inspire living room sing-alongs.

Stepping away from their outdoor adventure-themed albums (Can You Canoe?, Through the Woods, Saddle Up, and Winterland), The Okee Dokee Brothers engage their fans through meaningful social conversations in the form of call and response tunes, sea shanties, church hymns, campfire songs, all-ages social songs, and protest songs. Songs for Singin’ invites family members to strengthen their bonds by experiencing music together amidst the backdrop of an increasingly divided world. To capture the free-spirit and imperfections of sing-alongs, the recordings feature an array of tunes tracked live with choruses sung by kids and parents alike. 

Woody Guthrie’s words, humor, and life lessons are at the heart of Songs for Singin’. Homages to the revered folk icon include songs such as “Hope Machine,” “One Little Heart,” “Music Train,” “Campin’,” and “Hushabye.” A special nod to Pete Seeger, the song “If You Want A Song” came about after Joe Mailander and Justin Lansing witnessed Seeger perform live in Woodstock, NY.  The Okee Dokee Brothers commemorate Seeger’s legacy with the filming of their latest music video for the sea shanty “Sally – O” aboard his Clearwater Sloop Sailboat on the Hudson River in New York (video is slated to be released on June 19, 2020).

At the end of the day, Songs for Singin’ spans from morning (Disc 1: tracks 1-15) to night (Disc 2: tracks 16 – 27) as The Okee Dokee Brothers cover the natural rhythms carrying us through various daily routines and moods. In a time when we could all use a little more collective compassion, The Okee Dokee Brothers release yet another prolific song-cycle that’s good for the heart and soul.

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